2015 SIHH Novelties–Montblanc Urban Speed e-Strap

Montblanc Urban Speed e-Strap is modern. This year in the SIHH, it rolled out the first combination of traditional watch with intelligent watches to present a modern one. It is the first one among other top brands even including the fake rolex uk.

e-Strap is a hot theme around us, and it seems to be a trend. Well, you can think of that. Cellphones are getting bigger, and now it is almost a burden on us. But if we have something on the wrist that could help you learn the time. It would be a big release. Actually, electronics is not rare among some basic or fundamental watches. But it deviates from the ordinary and traditional watch-making progress, and most of them are the high-tech equipment. But brands like Montblanc is quite rare as they keeps traditional skills and also brings something new to its watches.

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Tracing your activity is one part of it. As it could simply record your activities. It could record how many you walk, the calories you burn and the distance. The fitting software could clearly record the sports of every week or even every month. Montblanc Urban Speed e-Strap would warms the wearer to adhere to sports. What’s more, Montblanc Urban Speed e-Strap could control music player, stop it or start it or skip it. A tap on it and you will find your cellphone immediately.

Although it has full set, it is quite limited comparing to cellphone. Iphone 4s and Notebook Sansumg could replace then. People who wear Montblanc Urban Speed e-Strap do not need to worry because Montblanc Urban Speed e-Strap has multiple choices. So far, there are three chronographs that come with Montblanc Urban Speed e-Strap: a chronograph edition, a UTC edition and a watch with hour, minute and second and date display. They are set at a reasonable level, and people who want some refreshing feel could give it try.

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