Why Rolex watches is so expensive?

It is well known that the price of quality replica watches is pretty expensive. However, most of people can’t understand why. As the saying goes, you often got what you paid for; I will tell you the reasons of high price today.

Reason 1: History
The trademark of Rolex watches was officially registered at 8 A.M 1908-7-2.
First group of Rolex watches attached great importance because of their high technology quality. One of them got a level certificate of Kew Observatory at 1914. This means their accuracy was verified. So the price becomes more and more expensive at Europe and USA. From now on, the quality of Rolex watches represent accuracy.

Reason2: workmanship
Replica Rolex Submariner is the famous and precious watches which from Switzerland, the design and manufacture still keep the traditional style. Their Performance include full-automatic、Single calendar、Double calendar、Waterproof、Dustproof and so on. The workmanship is very exquisite, especially puts the dial and strap carve into crown is the symbol of high quality. Because they use the advanced equipment and High quality material, so the Rolex watches has perfect feel.

Reason3: Waterproof
At 1926,After the first world war,Hans Wilsdorf created the first waterproof, dustproof watch. This is the famous Rolex oyster watch. What means oyster? Just depends on emulate the structure of Oyster to design the waterproofing device.

At 1931, Rolex company produce the first PERPETUAL watches in the world,the central axis of this watch has a pendulum thallium which converts swing’s potential energy to the power. So they needn’t Hand winder any more, the PERPETUAL watch is the landmarks in the progress of watch.
This is the mainly reasons why Rolex watches is so expensive.

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